MindMints Review by Cally Yang

MindMints Review by Cally Yang



 Cally Yang  August 26, 2017 Health

In my work as a trainer, I get a lot requests for testing new stuff. Some really cool, most just bullshit products aiming to make as much money as possible. The worst? The MLM sellers (Multi Level Marketing). Well, sellers, they don’t want to be called like that. It’s your average neighbor who you never talk to and who suddenly has interest in you. “hey how are the kids, blabla”. And then, without even noticing they strike: “hey I’ve been using these vitamins for a couple of months now and it really changed my life completely! You can even earn some extra money by selling them to people who can sell them for you as well. Nooooo it’s a pyramid”(feel it coming…?) And then comes the question: “I really think this could be something for you neighbor! You wanna join me for an introduction meeting at the company?”. Hahaha. Stop. Never.

Over the years I developed an MLM radar in my head and I can feel them from miles away. Now I have this instant rebound answer which hunts them away. “sure we can have a coffee, as long as you’re not going to sell me any MLM shit. But hey, I’ve known you for so long, you MUST be smarter than that wright!?” And gone they are!

Ok, back to the review. Sometimes there’s a product that does get my attention. In this case, it was a new product called MindMints. Developed by Leo van der Woerden and Martijn Harpe. Leo is a graduated neuro-scientist and knows what he’s talking about. And even better he knows his target group because he is the target. Hard working career making people who like enjoy the weekends and live life. Mostly living in the big city.

MindMints claim to be ‘the 24-hour formula for focus, energy and sleep’. The month package contains three sealed bags with the names like Wakeys, Kabooms and NapCaps. Each with a pill filled with a mixed dose of natural herbs and vitamins to help you get through every moment of the day.

Ok, let’s take a look at what they claim to do and what it did for me.

Wakeys: Help you to get that kick start in the morning. Even helpful in periods of mental stress.
My experience: My working days usually start at these un-Christian times like 7 am. Straight after the first day, I really felt I was more fresh and energetic in my morning routine. I was a bit surprised because I started the cure a bit skeptic, but ok this one has my attention ☺

Kabooms: Helps you to stay sharp and alert among other things.
My experience: Ok with a name like that expectations were high. I was sitting behind my laptop doing some administration while suddenly I feel a bit hyper. My legs started to shake in a way that I usually react on a double espresso. I’m caffeine sensitive so that’s probably why. Anyway, I was fired up and ready to go! I put on my running shoes and went out for a run.
The conclusion was that this pill isn’t for your every day deskwork but… if you need to be sharp, have a presentation or a training coming up. Kaboom is your man!

NapCaps: To get you ready and into that deep good night sleep.
My experience: I like the fact that there is magnesium in it. Besides a good night rest, it helps athletes to recover from their workout. I think the pill does his job although, and that’s my bad habit, I keep reading stuff on my cell phone in bed. This doesn’t really help in getting into sleep.

Overal, I’m enthusiastic about MindMints and I yes, I would recommend it to others. Even if it only were to test it for a month so you can see what it does for you. And for you three-day festival visitors out there…
Take a Wakey and a Kaboom on your third day and you’ll feel like new!

Ps. Don’t tell anyone I said that ;-)